Friday, January 31, 2014

Yeah I have a question: "How dare you?"

First, that's a quote from The Office.  I love Kelly!
Here's an email exchange I had with someone. 
Him: Ok, so after reading your post it makes me want to know more about you.
Really, that's all you have to give me for the first email???  I have an awesome profile (if I do say so my self); give me something to work with here, buddy!
Me: Well, what do you want to know. You didn't give me very much to work with in that email
Him: What's your favorite musical???
Then immediately followed by this: How's this: Not interested in having children of your own? Why not?
Wow going for the big guns right off, huh?!
Me: Well first, Wicked is probably my favorite musical. I've seen it three times, in three different cities, with three different touring companies.
As far as having my own children: I've never been one to see a baby and ohh & ahh over it. My ovaries don't burst whenever I see one and I don't feel this insane pressure to start a family. Having kids is something I could be talked into, meaning that it's a conversation I have with someone and we decide that we are going ot do this together. I have some friends who are desperate to start a family, I'm not like that. I was a nanny for almost 4 years and before that I taught preschool of 5 years. So, I love kids and I'm great with them. But at the end of the day, they go home and I get a good night sleep. Does that make sense. Hopefully it doesn't sound callous.
Him: That doesn't sound callous at all. It sounds honest and real. A nice touch from many I've met. I'm sorry, I'm going to disagree with you on Wicked. For me, the most intense, "wow" musical for me was the Lion King. Sitting in the third row... That was awesome.
 Also - Wicked is just too much belting.... Scream away, then the next tune,... scream away. I think the of the technical difficulty, complexity of the dance and music, the characters and the passion in West Side Story and think... Wicked's got nothing! But, I do respect people for liking what they like.
I normally don't like girls with short hair, but you're really cute from your pictures. Ok, I was forward to ask you a tough question - your turn. Ask anything you'd like.
I did not respond, nor do I plan to. 

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